Artist, sharer of creativity

Artist Bio

Johannesburg based, Juanita is a passionate artist. Both a landscaper and artists, she expresses her creativity in the colourful landscapes she has undertaken. In her studio she draws her inspiration from the beauty of creation itself. Using acrylic as well as oil-based paints and canvas as medium, Juanita creates mesmerizing pieces of work, where splendorous colour is a major factor. Drawing on the skills and knowledge presented at workshops by top SA Artists, Juanita has developed into an accomplished artist over the past 16 years. In her own words: “I’m at my happiest when I have a brush in my hand, a canvas before me and an explosion of colour on my pallet!!”

I’m Juanita

Born and raised in Port Elizabeth I have loved being creative for as long as I can recall. From a world of art perspective, I have been blessed in that I have been gifted and then found the opportunity to express my creativity in two different, yet similar worlds.  For several years I owned and managed a landscaping company. There is simply no limit to the brilliance one can create using the kaleidoscope of colours and shapes we find in the plant and hardscape world. Of course horticultural studies and formal garden design were those “must have to master” courses but ultimately those were simply the tools that enabled the delivery of my creativity. But lets talk ART.  Starting out with pencil sketches and moving onto pastels, I fell in love with the ability to express myself on canvas. For 16 years now I have been living my dream in terms of painting to my hearts content. Over the past … years I have attended art classes and then specialist courses by some of our own renowned SA artists. The knowledge and techniques they have collectively empowered me with, has been incredible and life changing.

At hackArt and Company, my intention is not to sculpt you into a Rembrand or Picasso. No, at hackArt, I want to impart my knowledge, but more importantly, my absolute passion for art, on you. At my studio I will absolutely endeavour to give you a place where you can let your hair down, love what you do and get better at what you can express on a canvass. This is an environment where we develop, relax and ooze up the sheer relaxation of a brush on canvass. A glass of red certainly goes down well too.

Come join me for a session, spoil yourself and let me help you add fun, meaning and purpose to the creative gift you have. I know you will be back for more.

Paint Classes & Painting Experiences

We want you to come and paint. No experience is needed. Most people believe that they can’t even draw a stick man.  Let us worry about that….. We are all about paint and our Studio is an environment for stress relief, self-expression, chitty-chatty and to enjoy the company of old and new friends.